Product Introduction
The VTS utilizes mechanical separation techniques to separate cannabinoid and terpene-rich trichomes from biomass to produce high-quality ice water hash.

Solvent-free extraction technology
With Cart
Generate countercurrent vortex
High efficient

Working Principle

The bottom-driven blades combined with the uniquely shaped flume create cross-flowing turbulence, resulting in powerful mixing forces. In the absence of contamination by plant particles, the trichomes rapidly separate from the plants and remain in the water as suspended insoluble solids. Once the slurry mixture of water and trichomes is separated from the remaining biomass, it can be easily filtered, separated, collected and dried to obtain a high-quality hash.

Product Features

Temperature range -20℃~100℃

Solvent-free extraction technology

Generate countercurrent vortex
Use the interlayer for cooling
High efficient

PLC touch screen, easy to operate

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