Product Introduction
The LWL-CX series horizontal screen scroll centrifuge is an improved model on the LWL model dedicated to mass production. The entire series adopts a planetary differential with higher torque, all lubricated with circulating lubricant and long oil change intervals, and the whole series adopts plate heat exchanger for cooling, which increases the cooling efficiency by five times compared with the LWL series.
Blovebird's pioneering planetary differential with recirculating lubrication:
The existing market is either a cycloidal differential with built-in recirculation lubrication or a planetary differential with rear-mounted oil bath lubrication. The disadvantage of the former is the low torque, while the disadvantage of the latter is that it is difficult to completely drain the worn metal chips from the differential and increases the complexity of the machine structure. In CX series, Blovebird adopts the planetary differential with built-in circulation lubrication, which has high torque, thorough lubrication, no debris residue, simple structure of the whole machine, stable equipment and easy maintenance.
Quick Disassembly
Compact Design
General Settlement
Smooth Operation
Simple Structure

Working Principle

Horizontal spiral screen centrifuge is composed of transmission system, drum parts, spiral parts, shell and lubrication system.
The solid-liquid mixture flows into the machine through the central fabric tray and enters the inside of the spiral. The fabric tray inside the spiral can pre-accelerate the mother liquor and distribute it evenly to the drum.
The drum and the spiral are of concentric structure and the gap between them is generally 0.8-2mm.
The pre-accelerated mother liquor is further dewatered in the drum under the action of centrifugal force, and then the screw conveyor pushes out the dewatered solids.
Product Features


Great throughput.

Load Distribution

The center of gravity support is shifted forward for more reasonable load distribution.

Planetary Differential

Adopt circulating lubrication planetary differential, more torque longer life.

Main Bearing and Differential

Including the main bearing and differential internal with circulating lubrication system,Single-arm suspension structure.

Rotation Speed of Screw and Drum

The rotation speed of the screw is slightly different from the rotation speed of the drum, which allows the product to be pushed out and distributed evenly. Insensitivity of the model to fluctuations in mother liquor concentration and other operating conditions.

Low Power Demand

The solid/liquid mixture enters the thinnest end of the bottom of the drum, where most of the liquid is separated through the screen. And in this zone, the linear velocity of the spiral blades is the lowest compared to machines of cylindrical design, so the power requirement of this model is low.

Spiral Function

Under centrifugal force, most of the solids will slide towards the maximum diameter and then be discharged from the discharge port. If the solids stick to the screen, the spiral pushes them forward, and if they slide out too quickly, the spiral holds them in the drum.

Conveying Screw

The conveying spiral acts as a control by regulating the sliding speed and residence time of the solids. If the wet solids have a low coefficient of friction, the blades hold the solids back, and near the maximum diameter end of the drum, if the dewatered solids have a high friction on the drum, the spiral pushes the solids out to the discharge.

Product Configuration

Drum cone angle optional.

Screen optional:Laser cut screen - good filtration performance, moderate price;Etched mesh - thin thickness, not corrosion resistant, cheap;Bar screen - impact resistant, easy to install;Imported stamping screen-high porosity, wear-resistant, suitable for some special occasions.

Drive options:Single motor - differential speed is not adjustable, stable operation;Double motor-differential speed adjustable, suitable for material fluctuation or need to separate a variety of materials.

Material selection:For the material in contact with the material part material, we provide optional materials: 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, 2205 stainless steel, TA2 titanium, TA10 titanium, Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy B2.

Special structure options:Outlet cyclone exhaust port - for the need to exhaust occasions;Screw conveyor feeder - for materials with poor fluidity;Double outlet port-used for mother liquor and washing liquid need to be discharged separately.

CPI online cleaning system - for easy to accumulate material and caking materials.

GMP - for pharmaceutical and food industry.

Model Diameter
Separation Factor Loading Limit
Power of Motor
LWL-CX-600 600 2000 10-30 45 2500 2000X1300X1600
LWL-CX-700 700 1700 15-40 55 3000 2400X1400X1700
LWL-CX-800 800 1700 20-50 75 4500 2500X1500X1750
LWL-CX-900 900 1400 30-60 90 7000 2800X1800X1900
LWL-CX-1000 1000 1400 40-70 90 8000 3200X2000X2200
LWL-CX-1100 1100 1200 50-80 110 9000 3600X2200X2300
LWL-CX-1200 1200 900 50-100 110 11000 4000X2300X2400
LWL-CX-1300 1300 900 80-150 137 12000 4200X2500X2600
LWL-CX-1500 1500 800 150-300 250 14000 4900X2900X3000

Adipic Acid Ammonium Thiosulphate Naphthenic Sulfonic Acid Ester Date Stones Salt Cake
Ion Exchange Resin Sodium Nitre Polystyrene Alcohol Arsenic Triazole Sodium Chloride
Sodium Perborate Sodium Thiosulphate Ah-salt Anth Racene Nylon Chips
Copper Sulphate Greaves Iron Sulphate Hepta Hydrate Sodium Phosphate Potash
Rock Salt Citric Acid Tarterci Acid Aminoacetic Acid Sodium Chlorate
Oxalic Acid Crystal Soda Gun Powder Aspirin Sodium Sulphate
Potash Alum Regenerated Rubber Lactose Polymethacrylate Tin Sulphate
Ammonium Persulphate Sodium Formate Sodium Sulphite Dinitro Methylarlin Gypsum
Bisphenol Polysyrene Potash Solvent Residue Silver Nitrate Manganese Sulphate
Sodium Tetraborate Trisodium Ammonium Phosphate Sodium Gluconate Two Nirto Methylaniline
Extraction From Methanol Urotropin Borax Disodium Phosphate Ammonium Sulphate
Methyl Cellulose Potassium Lore Potassium Bica Rbonate Ammonium Sulphate Sodium Metaborate
Potassium Chloride Zinc Sulphate Hops From Dichlorc Methare Calcium Formiate Polyvinyl Chloride
Potassium Bichromate Monosod lumphasphate Potassium Sulphate Potassium Pensuphate Sodium Ca Rbonate
Sodium Nitrate Polyethylene Fungal Mycel    
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