Product Introduction

This series of products are specially designed for laboratory two-phase separation. They are mainly used for continuous processing operations from 1L/H to 500L/H in small batches. The minimum throughput is much smaller than that required by industrial centrifuges. It is a research and scientific research unit. And the best separation equipment for small batches of direct output. In the past, the batch simulation processing method was always selected during this processing stage.

Quick Disassembly
Compact Design
General Settlement
Smooth Operation
Simple Structure

Working Principle

The working principle of the decanter centrifuge is very simple. It has been known to the public for a century. The drum and spiral are supported by separate suspensions. The material enters through the inlet pipe and accelerates into the core drum body through the drum.

Product Features

General Settlement

 Universal settling centrifuge.

Quick Disassembly

Quick disassembly and assembly-within 30 minutes.

Material Residue

Very little material residue, the gap between the spiral and the drum is less than 0.3mm.

Panel Operation

Simple and clear control panel and operation

Separation Process

The core part consists of a cylindrical and conical rotating bucket. The force of the centrifuge makes the solid material deposited on the wall of the rotating drum.

Solid discharge

The spiral body and the rotating drum have the same shape and angle, and the speed is slightly slower than that of the rotating drum, so that the separated solid is pushed to the narrow cone end. Discharge from the drum. The degree of solid dehydration depends on many factors. In addition to the material itself, it also depends on the separation time of the solid in the centrifuge and the spiral cone angle of the conveying solid. In addition, the differential speed between the spiral and the drum is also an important factor.


A chuck for adjusting the depth of the liquid level is installed at the bottom of the drum. The clarified liquid flows along the spiral cylinder to the bottom, and then is collected in the liquid hopper and discharged from the machine drum. The depth of the clarified liquid in the drum can be changed to different Retainer to adjust.


All HY series centrifuges are based on compact design and simple operation to ensure machine functions and fully meet user requirements. The number of components, including equipment required for assembly, is kept to a minimum, which ensures that the time required for product assembly is greatly increased. It only takes 30 minutes to disassemble and assemble deeply. Because the HY series centrifuge is easy to operate, the training time for the centrifuge is greatly reduced, and only daily centrifuge maintenance is required.

Product Configuration

Customized muti-material, SUS316L, TA2, 2205.

Ex-proof motor.

Optional Ex-proof cabinet.

Control cabinet.

Model Drum Diameter
Half Cone
Feeding Pipe
Aspect Ratio Separation Factor Power of
HY80 80 12 10000 5-100 3.75 4476 4 160 850X650X550
HY120 120 18 8000 50-500 3.85 4297 7.5 360 1150X900X750
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