Product Introduction
LWLZ perfectly combines the structural chararcteristics of the decanter centrifuge and the screen centrifuge.It is highly applicable to the working condition where there is low solid content or low content of sticky substances in the suspension,broadening the application scope of the LWL centrifuges. Driven by the centrifugal force,the feed liquid is divided into a solid layer and a liquid layer at the decanting section,where most liquid or low-density sticky substances are discharged out,and then the concentrated materials are further dehydrated at the filtering section.Under the combined action of the dual-dehydration mechanism,the moisture content in the solid phase can be ensured to meet the process design requirements.
Quick Disassembly
Compact Design
General Settlement
Smooth Operation
Simple Structure

Working Principle

After the suspension enters the centrifuge,the liquid phase is discharged out through the screen and the holes on the bowl wall under the centrifugal
force generated by the high-speed revolution of the bowl,while the solid pase is retained on the screen to form a cake layer and then pushed to the
discharge port through the spiral under the action of the action of the relative differential.In this way,automatic and continuous separation
of the solid and liquid phsaes is realized.
Product Features

High Efficiency

Continuous work, large processing capacity.

Convenient Maintenance

Convenient maintenance, low failure rate.

Motor Protection

Motor overload and overheat protection.


Over-vibration protection.

Running Smoothly

Large pushing moment, no material blocking.

Low Moisture Rate

Low solid phase moisture content.

Product Configuration

Customized muti-material, SUS316L, TA2, 2205.

Multiple angles are available: 10-50 °.

Ex-proof motor,ex-proof cabinet.

Control cabinet, upgrade optional brand, ABB or Siemens.

150mesh filter bag.

Model Drum Diameter
Drum Speed
Separation Factor Throughput
Power of Motor
Overall Dimension
LWLZ450 450 2500 1575 2-8 30 1800 1800X1400X1250
LWLZ530 530 1800 960 3-10 45 3300 2450X1700X1500
LWLZ650 650 1600 930 5-15 55 4200 2650X1700X1600
LWLZ800 800 1500 1007 8-20 75 5000 3000X2200X2000
LWLZ900 900 1200 725 10-25 75 6500 3000X2200X2000
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