Product Introduction

The PB series is a fully enclosed manual loading and unloading filter centrifuge designed in accordance with GMP specifications and environmental protection requirements, and has a wide range of material applications. It has good applicability to high temperature, high viscosity, small particle diameter, various difficult-to-separate suspensions, fibrous materials, etc. The minimum separation particle diameter is 1μm.

Simple Structure
Easy to Clean
Airtight Operation
GMP Compliance
Configuration Optional

Working Principle

When working, the suspension to be separated (or the material that needs to be deliquored, the finished article) will be added to the centrifuge drum with filter media. Under the action of the centrifugal force field, the suspension moves to the wall of the drum. Among them, the solid particles are blocked by the filter medium and retained to form a filter cake layer; while the liquid and some of the finer particles pass through the gap between the filter medium and the filter cake, and are discharged from the drum through the small holes opened on the drum. The separation of solid and liquid phases is implemented. According to different separation processes, after the filter cake layer is formed, washing and replacement liquids can be added to wash and replace the filter cake, and then perform the final spin-drying and deliquoring separation until the separation requirements are reached, and the speed is reduced or mechanically Stop, use manual or mechanical means to unload the filter cake from the drum.

Product Features

Reasonable Structural Design
Reasonable structural design, effective elimination of sanitary dead spots, smooth transition of structural parts, polished surface, external structural parts, fasteners and drum are made of stainless steel.The shell is clamshell type, which can thoroughly clean the shell of the centrifuge and the sandwich space of the drum.
Integral Welded Structure
The frame and housing are welded as a whole, with high acceptance strength.
Flat Structure
The frame is of flat plate structure, which reduces the center of gravity of the machine and reduces the installation space. The flat plate frame can also be used as the operating platform, making it more convenient to operate.
Liquid Damper
Equipped with liquid damping shock absorber, it can eliminate vibration more effectively and simplify daily maintenance.
Online Cleaning System
The shell clamshell is equipped with feeding pipe, washing pipe, observation mirror and lighting hole.Equipped with an online cleaning system, the inner wall of the centrifuge shell, the inner and outer surface of the rotating drum, the surface of the collecting tank and other invisible parts of the centrifuge are cleaned to ensure the cleanliness and comply with GMP standards.
Simple Structure
Simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance.
Strong Versatility
Strong versatility and wide application range.It can be used for the separation of solid particulate suspensions and fibrous materials.
Inverter Start
It can be started by frequency converter with stable start and adjustable separation factor: non-contact energy consumption braking system: anti-static belt transmission: airframe airtight structure; silicone rubber or fluororubber seals.It can meet the requirements of sealing and explosion-proof, suitable for the application in toxic, flammable and explosive occasions.
Nitrogen Protection System
Nitrogen protection system is configured to ensure the isolation between the inner cavity of the centrifuge and the external air.
The grain is not easily broken.
Product Configuration

Structure: The shell is equipped with clamshell and feed pipe, washing pipe, viewing mirror, exhaust port, lighting hole: The sealed structure, drum and shell, clamshell and other parts are made of stainless steel (SUS304).

All fasteners are stainless steel.

Transmission and braking: ordinary motor (or explosion-proof motor) + variable frequency start + consumption brake Electric control unit (control box).

Liquid damping shock absorber.

The Optional Configuration

In-line cleaning system

Nitrogen protection system

Corresponding stainless steel materials (SUS316L, 321, etc.) shall be used according to the anti-corrosion requirements of the materials separated by users.

Overvibration protection device.

Open cover protection device.

Field explosion-proof button.

Model Drum Diameter
Separation Factor Drum Volume
Loading Limit
Power of Motor
PB600 600 1600 860 45 75 3 1000 1300X1000X1050
PB800 800 1200 645 100 135 5.5 1500 1550X1200X1250
PB1000 1000 1000 560 140 200 7.5 2000 2000X1500X1400
PB1250 1250 900 645 300 400 11 3000 2200X1800X1500
PB1500 1500 850 607 550 700 18.5 4500 2600X2200X1850
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