Product Introduction
Blovebird PGZ series of centrifuges can be set according to the usage requirements which can automatically finish the steps like feeding,separating, washing, dehydration,discharging,etc.It means that there is a possibility that we can enjoy the remote control high degree of automation, large quantity, suitable for containing granular and medium size of solid phase suspension of solid-liquid separation, can also be used for solid-liquid separation of fibrous materials.
Under the automatic scraper discharge centrifuge USES the flat structure and liquid damping suspension technology, independent type inclined dish cloth system, flip and online cleaning device, surface treatment in accordance with the requirements of GMP and interactive man-machine interface, control safety protection function: over-shock protection, over-current protection, material layer control mechanical and electrical interlock protection device.
Simple Structure
Easy to Clean
Airtight Operation
GMP Compliance
Configuration Optional

Working Principle

The BloveBird PGZ scraper discharge centrifuge is a vertical automatic filter centrifuge.The control program opens the feeding valve and waits for the mixed
material to enter the centrifuge through the feed tube feeding tray. Under the effect of centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation, the liquid phase is filtered through the filter
medium (filter cloth/filter screen), and discharged through the outlet pipe after filtration, while the solid phase is trapped on the press cloth.The material level detector will find out height the position of
the material layer in the machine and automatically stops feeding when the rotary drum filter cake reaches the set amount of material. The filter cake is then washed and dehydrated
according to customer requirements. After the filter cake meets the requirements of separation, the control program of the centrifuge will work to decrease the scraper speed. The scraper device under
the control of liquid (gas) moving device will scrape down the filter cake, and push the filter cakes out through the lower outlet of the centrifuge.
Product Features

  Large Clamshell or Flat Cover Structure
The large clamshell or flat cover structure makes it easy to clean and maintain.
Full Closed Structure
The full closed, the bearing cavity and scraper cavity in the machine are filled with nitrogen for protection.
High Polishing Precision
High polishing precision up to 0.2-0.4μm,makes its material structure with smooth and simple, no dead angles.
Spindle Seal
The sealed spindle has a reliable capacity to ensure no leakage.
The Online Cleaning Device
The online cleaning device can effectively clean up the internal part of the centrifuge without dead angles.
High-temperature Sterilization
The machine can be sterilized at a high temperature.
PLC Frequency Conversion Control System
The PLC frequency conversion control system gives the machine a energy consumption or feedback braking mechanism.
Fully Enclosed Housing
The transmission parts adopts a fully enclose shell to prevent dust from the transmission process.
The Standard Structure

Because of the structure of platform, the shell and the bottom plate are welded together. The shell cover and the shell are connected with flanges. Quick opening structure, the opening of the shell cover adopts hydraulic or pneumatic drive. The shell cover is provided with feeding pipe, cleaning pipe, view mirror, explosion-proof lamp, scraper device, material level detector, etc.Standard flanges are used for external connection of pipe orifices.

Main Materials

The flat plate is made of Q235 coated stainless steel while the drum part is made of stainless steel. Except for the bottom of the basket, the rest parts are made of stainless steel, and the shell cover is made of stainless steel.Stainless steel castings are used for bearing housing.

The Standard Configuration

PLC+ frequency conversion control, energy consumption brake, material level detector, vertical motor, transmission triangle belt and housing, field operation box, damping shock absorber.Titanium or special steel can be used for anti-corrosion treatment, surface lining plastic, lining rubber, lining tetrafluorin, etc.
The Optional Configuration

Constant torque ordinary (explosion-proof) motor, anti-static transmission belt

The feedback braking mechanism and the LCD touch screen

Vibration protection, nitrogen filling protection, speed display screen

Chained protection for the cap-opening

Liquid outlet liquid seal type gas-liquid separation

Online cleaning system, high pressure recoil system

Oblique bucket asynchronous feeder

Other configuration requirements

Model Drum Diameter
Separation Factor Drum Volume
Loading Limit
Power of Motor
PGZ800 800 1200 645 115 150 7.5 2500 2000X1300X2100
PGZ1000 1000 1080 645 180 220 15 3500 2100X1500X2200
PGZ1250 1250 900 565 370 480 22 4700 2500X1800X2700
PGZ1500 1500 870 606 610 800 37 7000 2600X2150X2650
PGZ1600 1600 870 646 800 1000 37 8500 3000X2200X2800
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