PD Series Introduction
Blovebird series of PD for punching bag on discharge, intermittent operation of filtering centrifuge, the series of centrifuge has simple structure, reliable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, and filtering time can grasp, residue can fully wash, solid phase is not easy to damage, the advantages of strong adaptability, due to the lower discharge reduced the labor intensity, widely used in chemical industry, light industry, food, pharmacy, metallurgy and other departments, is SS/PS series centrifuge better alternatives.
Simple Structure
Easy to Clean
Airtight Operation
GMP Compliance
Configuration Optional

Working Principle

Under the action of centrifugal force, the material tends to the drum wall, the liquid phase passes through the filter hole of the drum wall through the filter medium covered on the drum wall, tends to the inner wall of the shell, falls into the chassis, and is discharged through the liquid outlet. The solid materials are stored in the drum and can be fully washed, so as to complete the solid-liquid separation. After shutdown, open the shell flap, use the special lifting device to take out the filter bag to the blanking place for unloading. After unloading, install the liquid blocking plate and filter bag into the drum again, lock the liquid blocking plate, close the upper flap, and start the next working cycle after locking.
Product Features

Inverter Start
Inverter is used to start, smooth start, separation factor adjustable.
Lifting Bag Unloading
Lifting bag unloading, low labor intensity, high efficiency.
Reasonable Structural Design
Reasonable structural design, effective elimination of sanitary dead spots, smooth filtering of structural parts, polished surface, external structural parts, fasteners and drum are made of stainless steel.The shell is clamshell type, which can thoroughly clean the shell of the centrifuge and the sandwich space of the drum.
Online Cleaning System
Equipped with an online cleaning system, the centrifuge can be cleaned online, and the invisible parts inside the centrifuge, such as the inner wall of the centrifuge shell, the inner and outer surface of the rotating drum, and the surface of the collecting tank, etc.Comply with the requirement of GMP specification for equipment.
Simple Structure
Simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance.
Grains are not easily broken.
Nitrogen Protection System
Nitrogen protection system is configured to ensure the isolation between the inner cavity of the centrifuge and the external air.
Strong Versatility
Strong versatility and wide application range.
Closed Structure
Closed structure, silicone rubber or fluorine rubber seals.It can meet the requirements of airtight explosion protection and is suitable for toxic, flammable and explosive occasions
Product Configuration

The shell is equipped with clamshell and feed pipe, washing pipe, viewing mirror, exhaust port, lighting hole: The sealed structure, drum and shell, clamshell and other parts are made of stainless steel (SUS304).

All fasteners are stainless steel.

Transmission and braking: ordinary motor (or explosion-proof motor) + frequency converter + energy saving braking.

The machine is equipped with a set of special spreader when leaving the factory.

The clamshell is powered by a spring.

Hydraulic automatic clamshell.

In-line cleaning system.

Nitrogen protection system.

According to the corrosion protection requirements of the separators, the corresponding stainless steel shall be adopted Steel Section (SUS304, 316L, 321, etc.).

Model Drum Diameter
Separation Factor Drum Volume
Loading Limit
Power of Motor
PD800 800 1200 645 100 140 7.5 1500 1800X1200X1350
PD1000 1000 1000 650 155 200 11 2500 2050X1500X1350
PD1250 1250 970 645 370 500 18.5 3300 2300X1800X1580
PD1500 1500 870 605 600 800 22 5500 2600X2200X1850
PD1600 1600 870 647 800 1000 37 7500 3000X2200X1980
PD1800 1800 720 522 910 1200 45 10000 3200X2550X2150
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