Product Introduction

The top-suspended mechanical scraper unloading automatic centrifuge uses the centrifugal force field to separate solids and liquids. Through the radial and axial movement of the scraper, the material is scraped from the drum wall to complete the unloading process. The machine is equipped with water washing and air. Washing device, so the material is fully washed and the product quality is improved.

This sugar centrifuge can be used for the separation of methyl sugar (granulated sugar) and glucose paste, and is one of the key equipment in the sugar industry.

This machine can also be used to separate materials with finer solid crystal grains, greater viscosity, better fluidity, tighter texture, and difficult to discharge by gravity. Generally, the solid-liquid ratio (weight ratio) of the suspension is 45-60%. 

Simple Structure
Easy to Clean
Airtight Operation
Smooth Operation
Configuration Optional

Working Principle

The motor starts at low speed. When the feeding speed is reached, the feeding valve automatically opens to start feeding. The material is distributed on the inner surface of the drum through the cloth pan on the main shaft. With the help of the centrifugal force field, a cylindrical material layer is formed inside the drum. , The filtrate is discharged out of the drum through the screen and the small holes on the drum, and the filter cake is accumulated on the surface of the screen. The material layer detector starts to work while the material is being fed, and the thickness of the material layer gradually increases to the setting When the thickness of the material layer is greater than the thickness, the material layer detector sends a control signal, closes the feed valve, and the motor continues to increase the speed. In the process of increasing the speed, the washing valve is opened according to the requirements of the separation process, and the fully cylindrical washing of the cake layer after preliminary deliquoring is carried out. After the centrifuge is fully dewatered and the filter cake is dried to meet the separation requirements, it will enter the deceleration stage. At this time, the motor is in the generator state, and the mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy through the electrical system and sent back to the grid. When the speed drops to the unloading speed, the centrifugal centering device starts to work, the closed cover at the bottom opens, and the scraper cuts into the filter cake layer and moves axially with the action of the cylinder until the filter cake on the drum wall is All are scraped off, and the filter cake is discharged through the discharge port at the bottom of the drum along the guide of the scraper. After the discharge is completed, the closing cover is closed and the centering device is reset, and the transfer speed starts to increase from the discharge speed, and enters the next cycle.

Product Features

Flat Plate Structure
Flat plate structure and liquid damping vibration reduction technology: the use of flat plate structure, more stable operation, more convenient operation: the use of liquid damping vibration reduction technology, so that the centrifuge vibration isolation and vibration reduction performance is better: no foundation installation form, easy to install and maintenance of the machine.
The Shell and The Frame
The shell and the frame adopt the full receiving shell structure with flat rigid connection, which makes the structure more simple and the whole machine more compact.
The Bearing Seat
Large bearing bearing length, better bearing performance: the bearing seat is independent, with an oil channel for up and down, more convenient operation and maintenance.
The Motor and Spindle
The motor and spindle directly connected, no belt, completely avoid friction dust pollution to the environment.
Hydraulic Brake Components
Equipped with hydraulic brake (or pneumatic) components, in case of emergency can be emergency brake.
Gas-assisted Scraper and Gas-recoiler
Equipped with gas-assisted scraper and gas-recoiler, the residual filter cake layer can be effectively eliminated to facilitate the regeneration of the filter cloth and improve the filtering effect.
Standard Configuration of Sugar Centrifuge

Structure: The shell is equipped with feeding pipe, washing pipe, viewing mirror, exhaust port, access hole and lighting hole: sealed structure.Drum and shell, clamshell and other parts are made of stainless steel (SUS304).The frame is cast, the surface is lined with stainless steel.The inner and outer surface of drum, shell and exposed parts of machine are polished.All fasteners are stainless steel.

Adopt PLC control.

Electromechanical process control.

Transmission and braking: ordinary motor (or explosion-proof motor) + frequency converter + energy consumption system Pneumatic action system.

The PAUT is flat plate structure with liquid damping shock absorber.

Optional Configuration of Sugar Centrifuge

In-line cleaning system

Nitrogen protection system

Rf admittance process control

Touch screen control

Hydraulic operating system

Gas assisted scraper

Adopt corresponding stainless steel materials (SUS304, 316, 316L, 321, etc.) according to the anti-corrosion requirements of the materials separated by users

Model Drum Diameter
Separation Factor Drum Volume
Loading Limit
Power of Motor
PAUT1250A 1250 970 658 350 520 22 5000 2100X2000X2200
PAUT1250B 1250 970 658 450 650 30 5800 2100X2000X2600
PAUT1500 1500 850 606 580 720 37 8500 2500X2500X2600
PAUT1600 1600 750 504 900 1200 45 12000 2750X2600X2800
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