12.9-12.11 2020 Shanghai,China

The 8th China (Shanghai) International Evaporation and Crystallization Technology and Equipment Exhibition

With the tightening of national environmental protection policies, the problem of water conservation and pollution control has become more and more prominent and urgent. The application of evaporation and crystallization technology in chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power, seawater desalination and other fields has a broad market space for high-salt wastewater treatment. A group of evaporation and crystallization enterprises started a new round of project construction with updated technical equipment, higher digital and intelligent standards, led high-quality development driven by innovation, and successfully moved from "manufacturing" to "smart manufacturing" path of transformation. The SHEC Shanghai Evaporation and Crystallization Exhibition was specially held for exchange and learning. During the three-day exhibition, manufacturers from all sides gathered, technical experts and industry experts gathered wonderfully, and Jiangsu Blovebird Centrifuge Co., Ltd. was also among them.

Blovebird Centrifuge adheres to the quality policy of "Made in the East, builds century-old quality, and is committed to promoting Chinese brands", constantly updating and improving manufacturing equipment and technology to ensure that customers are satisfied and assured of products.

Blovebird centrifuge has carried out targeted technological innovations for the application scenarios of cleaning, separation and unloading in the evaporation and crystallization industry, and has continuously upgraded the use efficiency and operating experience of PGZ flat automatic scraper centrifuge and LWL horizontal worm screen centrifuge , effectively help the evaporation and crystallization customers of Blovebird centrifuge to increase production and expansion, and indirectly help the vigorous development of my country's evaporation and crystallization industry.

In the age of digitalization, energy transition and climate change, innovation is more important than ever. We not only shared our innovative products and concepts with exhibitors, but also discussed with them the topic of innovative solutions for the centrifuge industry and the evaporation and crystallization supply chain.

At the exhibition, a series of interesting machine demonstrations and explanations provided participants with ample opportunities to obtain information, make contacts and find new partners. The exchange and learning here provides a valuable reference for the development of Blovebird.

Of course, we will always keep pace with the times, explore the development direction of the industry, use the market resource cooperation platform of the evaporation and crystallization industry, seek opportunities, continue to innovate, improve product quality, and contribute to the vigorous development of the evaporation and crystallization industry chain.

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