Product Introduction
The LW series horizontal spiral unloading sedimentation centrifuge is one of the main equipments of the sludge dewatering system. It is mainly composed of a high-speed rotating drum, which has the same rotation as the drum and forms a spiral with a certain speed difference, such as a differential and a frame. When the sludge enters the inner cavity of the centrifuge drum, the high-speed rotating drum produces a strong centrifugal force. The sludge particles takes a heavier volume, it can generate a larger centrifugal force during the separation furture., so the sludge is settled on the inner wall of the drum to form an annular solid phase Mud cake layer; and the density of water is small, the centrifugal force is also small, can only form a liquid ring layer inside the solid ring layer, due to the different rotation speeds of the screw and the drum, the two have relative motion (that is, the differential rotation speed), through the screw handle The sludge deposited on the inner wall of the drum is pushed to the outlet of the small end of the drum, and the separated water is discharged from the other end of the drum. The function of the differential is to form a certain speed difference between the drum and the spiral. Flocculants are added to the mud to produce flocculation, which makes the dispersed sludge particles aggregate to produce larger flocs and accelerate the separation of mud and water.
Quick Disassembly
Compact Design
General Settlement
Smooth Operation
Simple Structure

Working Principle

The main engine starts and automatically increases the speed. When the predetermined index is reached and the drum reaches the feeding speed,
the feeding valve opens, and the suspension to be separated enters the silo of the screw propeller through the feeding pipe, and enters the silo through the outlet of
the silo after preliminary acceleration. In the drum, due to the centrifugal force, the suspension in the drum is quickly divided into two phases.
The heavier solid phase settles on the inner wall of the drum. Due to the differential action of the differential, there is a relative movement between the transported pusher
and the drum. , The solid phase is screwed to the drying zone at the small end of the drum for further dehydration, and then discharged through the slag outlet,
and the separated liquid is discharged through the large overflow end.
Product Features

High Efficiency

The long-time working, spiral discharge with a large production capacity

Easy Operation

The compact structure, convenient operation and repairment.

Wide Application Range

The wide application range with the machine,can be widely used in chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other occasions that require solid-liquid separation;

Great Adaptability

Great adaptability to materials, the solid phase particle size range that can be separated is wide (0.005-2mm), and it can also be separated formally when the solid phase particle size is uneven.

Usages and Performance 

LW horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge is a sedimentation centrifuge with continuous working, and spiral discharging. It is mainly suitable for the solid-liquid separation, particle size classification, liquid phase clarification and sludge dewatering of various types of suspensions in various industrial sectors 

Material Selection

The material of the part of the centrifuge contacting the mixture processed can be selected from austenitic stainless steel (321, 316L, etc.), Hastelloy, titanium alloy and other corrosion-resistant materials according to the requirements of client.

Product Configuration

Customized muti-material, SUS316L, TA2, 2205.

Ex-proof motor.

Ex-proof cabinet.

Control cabinet, upgrade optional brand, ABB or Siemens.

Model Drum Diameter
Aspect Ratio Speed
Separation Factor Processing Capacity
Power of Motor
LW220x800 220 4 4800 2840 0.5-2 11 1000 2260x740x780
LW350X1400 350 4 4000 3100 3.0-12 22 2020 3550X1010X1030
LW450X1800 450 4 3200 2577 6.0-20 30 3500 4120X1100X1250
LW530X2120 530 4 2800 2327 12.0-30 55 4200 4730X1250X1460
LW630X2300 630 3.65 2500 2205 25-35 75 8000 5110X1450X1750
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