Product Introduction
EEC series centrifuges are specially designed for plant extraction,with the functions of airtight,explosion-proof,clean and movable.EEC series centrifuges adopt flat bottomed drum structure,with larger volume,higher cleanliness and pollution-free structure design.They are favored by the majority of consumers with simple operation,clean appearance, stable and excellent performance.

Panoramic Glass Window
With Cart
Airtight Operation
Smooth Operation

Working Principle

The operator fills the filter bag with crushed plant material and puts it into the machine.Then,alcohol is added until the plant material is submerged,
and the program is set to rotate in two directions to fully extract the active ingredients from the plant.Open the bottom valve to let out the extraction liquid,and rotate
the plant materials at high remove the remove the liquid as much as possible.Then the alcohol lotion was further treater.
Product Features

Low Temperature

Low temperature acceptable-50℃ to 50℃.

All Transparent Explosion-proof Glass

15,30 and 50 models are all transparent explosion-proof glass flap structure, which can clearly check the situation inside the equipment.

Fully Automatic and Manual

Automatic extraction process,the program can set the drum rotation speed,time and cycle times,and can switch to manual control.


Dehydration speed and time can be set.

Data Display

Temperature display,vacuum pressure display.

Leakage Indication Port

There is a leakage indication port at the bottom, if there is leakage,it can be found in time.

Single Person Operation

Zipper type filter bag can be loaded and unloaded quickly,designed for single person operation.

Product Configuration

The parts in contact with materials (including the spindle and the bottom of the drum ) are made of SUS304 or SUS316L,and the surface is sanitary without dead angle.

EEC15,EEC30 and EEC50 are trolley structures,and larger models are fixed base structures.

The liquid inlet and liquid outlet adopt sanitary quick connect interface with inspection barrel and valve.All seals are made of Teflon or fluororubber,and the main shaft is double water sal / oil seal.

Three phase 220V explosion-proof motor (power supply can be 220V single-phase / three-phase), PLC and touch screen control,frequency converison control cabinet.

It is equipped with a liquid inlet pipe,a vent valve,a vacuum interface with valve,a liquid outlet and a coolant inlet and outlet.The cyliner is provided with a cooling spacer.The base is equipped with four rings to facilitate loading and unloading.

It is equipped with 10m cable and control line,which can be used for power connection.

All electrical components including motors are UL Listed.

Model Bowl Diameter
Separation Factor Feeding
Coolant Volume
Power of Motor
EEC15 300 2000 671 7 8 1.5 330 1100x600x1300
EEC30 450 1500 566 14 19 4 520 1600x800x1400
EEC50 600 1250 524 23 36 5.5 850 1800x1060x1450
EEC100 800 1120 561 45 45 7.5 1350 1800x1200x1500
EEC150 1000 1000 559 69 65 11 2000 1900x1550x1700
EEC200 1250 900 566 91 100 15 2600 2300x1750x1950
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